Our Services

     The Freedom in Christ residential recovery programs provide services such as:


1. Long-term residential drug and alcohol-free environment

2. Peer to Peer menoring and coaching

3. Life skills classes, money management, parenting, anger management, social skills, relapse prevention, and goal setting

4. Education, GED classes, literacy, study skills and computer classes

5. Career planning, job skills training, employmnet behavior and resume writing

6. Spiritual instruction and support

7. Exercise, music, drama, recreation and social activities

8. Referrals

GBS- Group Bible Study

   These attributes of our program and the principles found in the curriculum include:


1. Empowerment and Personal Development

2. Life, Education Social and Work Skills

3. Relapse Prevention

4. Health Promotion

5. Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

6. Recovery Capital

7. Spiritual Coaching, Training and Development

8. Peer to Peer Mentoring and Support Services

IBS- Individual Bible Study

   These IBS Studies/Curriculum skills include:


1. Cultivating Positive Character

2. Goal Stting, Personal Reflection & Personal Evaluation

3. Responsible Decision Making

4. Improving Literacy and Reading Skills

5. Discovering Purpose

6. Challenging Unhealthy Perceptions & Worldviews

7. Reconciliation & Socail Accountability

8. Evaluating Personal Motivation

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