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Executive Director-"I got saved at Victory Outreach of El Paso in the early 80's. At the age of 26 I was lost and addicted to alcohol and cocaine...having lost everything. I could not hold down a job, I had lost all my friends. I had nothing to my name. I went to Victory Outreach in El Paso, Texas where my brother Danny Ibarra was the church Pastor and Director of the Victory Home. I cried like a baby before the Lord and asked Jesus Cheist to become my Lord and my Savior. I gave my life to Christ and have not looked back. There is no greater position of security in all the world than knowing that you are at the complete and total mercy of a loving God for provision for daily living for family and ministry.


Thank you to the mentors who have shaped my life and ministry: Pastor Freddy Garcia, Pastor Danny Ibarra, Chuck Redoer, Gary Carnie, and Pastor Bily Raies."-Pastor Albert Ibarra



Volunteer -"I attend Abundant Living Faith Center and I am ex-tremely honored to be a part of the Teen Challenge Ministry. Since 2011, I have been blessed to be able to conduct weekly bible studies and to share with the students of Teen Challenge what God has done in my life, spiritually transforming me from the inside out.
It has always been the number one desire of my heart to be able to share with women what God has done and continues to do in my own life (Revelation 12:11) while continually studying and learning the Word of God in a very practical way." - Katharina Adkins


Student-"I was lost in abusive relationships, lost in meth, and completly estranged from my children and family. When I couldnt fix my Life on my own, I gave up and came to Teen Challenge where God was finally able to speak to me and free me from distractions. I re-committed my Life to Jesus but this time I surrendered it all to Him. I am finally making the Head and Heart connection that God's been trying to get me to understand for so long. He's revealing so much to me, changing my Heart and Mind little by little each day. I can't wait to be restored to my boys and to live the Life that God has for me. If God's willing, I'd love to be involved in youth ministry and go wherever He leads me. " - Leah 


Student-"My sins ruined my Life. The Lord heard my prayers to have a sober life and to get me out of a abusive relationship. I started my walk with Jesus by my side. I wish to become the mother I know I can be to my boys. " - Cheryl 

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