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Executive Director-"I got saved at Victory Outreach of El Paso in the early 80's. At the age of 26 I was lost and addicted to alcohol and cocaine...having lost everything. I could not hold down a job, I had lost all my friends. I had nothing to my name. I went to Victory Outreach in El Paso, Texas where my brother Danny Ibarra was the church Pastor and Director of the Victory Home. I cried like a baby before the Lord and asked Jesus Cheist to become my Lord and my Savior. I gave my life to Christ and have not looked back. There is no greater position of security in all the world than knowing that you are at the complete and total mercy of a loving God for provision for daily living for family and ministry.


Thank you to the mentors who have shaped my life and ministry: Pastor Freddy Garcia, Pastor Danny Ibarra, Chuck Redoer, Gary Carnie, and Pastor Bily Raies."-Pastor Albert Ibarra


GraduateI was walking in complete darkness and confusion until the day I finally said, "Lord, I surrender. Let Your will be done in my life." I learned that God has plans for my future and there is hope. They are plans for good and not disaster. Ever since I surrendered my life to God, He has guided me into truth, understanding and freedom. -Vanessa


Graduate-"I was introduced to crystal meth at age 17. From that day on it consumed my thoughts and my life. Abused by the man I thought I loved and almost losing my child. I found myself in a jail cell with two felony dope charges. Soon after, I entered into a whole new world when I began shooting up crystal meth. I wandered through the dark streets feeling worthless and pathetic not able to see the end of this dark demonic life. As I sat in our bed I knew time was running out. I felt in my heart to make the call to Teen Challenge. I came to Teen Challenge hopeless and broken bound to an addiction that almost took my life, my children and my relationship. In my time at Teen Challenge I’ve learned that as long as there is breath there is hope. I’m loved and accepted, sober and free forever. I’m learning to be the best mom to my children whom God has returned to me! I have a strong lasting love through Christ and a new hope for life!" - K'ana


Volunteer -"I attend Abundant Living Faith Center and I am ex-tremely honored to be a part of the Teen Challenge Ministry. Since 2011, I have been blessed to be able to conduct weekly bible studies and to share with the students of Teen Challenge what God has done in my life, spiritually transforming me from the inside out.
It has always been the number one desire of my heart to be able to share with women what God has done and continues to do in my own life (Revelation 12:11) while continually studying and learning the Word of God in a very practical way." - Katharina Adkins

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We are excited to bring you this great event that will bring "Change for Change. We have set aside Tuesday June 6th as #GivingTuesday. We are asking you to prayerfully consider how you can be a blessing to Teen Challenge that given on this day. Teen Challenge has continued to keep its doors open due to our many sponsors and donors, whether your contribution is through monthly giving, one time giving or giving up your precious time as a volunteer. Thank you we could not have done this without you. We as a staff will also be participating in "Change for Change". A suggestion to staff is: label a jar "Change for Change" and start putting in your spare change at the end of the day or skip that stop at Starbucks and put that couple bucks in the "Change for Change" jar. Bring in your contributions on June 6th. God bless you.

What Keeps Us Going

The students that are in our program come from many different types of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common- a life controlling problem. A life controlling problem is any habit or problem, which has control of a person to the point that she cannot function properly. The three most common life controlling problems are street drugs, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse; however other issues may also be termed life-controlling if it affects a person's ability to function freely in life.


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