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Teen Challenge El Paso could not function without the continual support of the many volunteer team members who support us in various ways each day. 


Teen Challenge El Paso could not function without the continual support of the many volunteer team members who support us in various ways. If  it wasn’t for individuals willing to give of themselves, we would not be able to carry-on with this ministry. 


Below are a few opportunities we have for you to get involved with our ministry.



Weekend Volunteers for daily duties


Accompaning Students to Daily Appointments (i.e. court, doctor, etc.)


Grading Papers for the Education Department


Fundraising During Our Various Fundraising Activities


Cooking a Meal for the Students


Maintenance Around the Building as well as our Re-entry Home


Biblical Advising (upon completion of Effective Biblical Counseling Course and the request of the Women’s Director)


Daily Office Work (i.e. Helping to File Papers or Answer Phones, Etc.) 



These are several ways we have that you can minister to our students. If you have something else you feel God has put on your heart, please don’t hesitate to talk to our Women’s Director. Our purpose is to serve our students with a willing heart, just as Christ came to serve the church. We would love to welcome you as a new Teen Challenge Team Member!





We have many opportunities for you to become a part of what is happening here. Please contact our office for futher information.

Be A Partner:

            Easy Giving Tithe 

To make a donation to Teen Challenge El Paso, Inc.  

Please text the financial amount you prayerfully want to bless Teen Challenge to: 915-228-4156


This is a safe and secure site.


You will be asked to input your;



Credit Card Information


A message will be displayed stating: Your giving was successful. 


This process takes about two minutes and is a one time setup. Many Churches are using this for their congregations. Thank you so very much for your support and prayers.                                                                Phone: (915) 566-1197

Or link directly to our contact form:


Upcoming Events

We are excited to bring you this great event that will bring "Change for Change. We have set aside Tuesday June 6th as #GivingTuesday. We are asking you to prayerfully consider how you can be a blessing to Teen Challenge that given on this day. Teen Challenge has continued to keep its doors open due to our many sponsors and donors, whether your contribution is through monthly giving, one time giving or giving up your precious time as a volunteer. Thank you we could not have done this without you. We as a staff will also be participating in "Change for Change". A suggestion to staff is: label a jar "Change for Change" and start putting in your spare change at the end of the day or skip that stop at Starbucks and put that couple bucks in the "Change for Change" jar. Bring in your contributions on June 6th. God bless you.

What Keeps Us Going

The students that are in our program come from many different types of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common- a life controlling problem. A life controlling problem is any habit or problem, which has control of a person to the point that she cannot function properly. The three most common life controlling problems are street drugs, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse; however other issues may also be termed life-controlling if it affects a person's ability to function freely in life.


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